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And Maybe Romance

And-Maybe-Romance-5x8-B screenplay

In one night of imaginative fantasy, Jess proves that he’s the most romantic man in the world.
“And Maybe Romance” is a micro budget romantic comedy feature (89 pages).  Original jazz music and lyrics are attached to this project.
On Penny’s birthday, all of her friends desert her except for Jess, her old buddy since high school.  She has always thought of him as a comedian and a ladies’ man.  When Jess tells her he’s going to prove he’s the most romantic man in the world, she takes him up on the challenge.  You might want to share his techniques with someone who needs help in the romance department.




Best Enemies

Best-Enemies-Cover-WEBL screenplay

Comedy ensues when a group of friends cooks up an elaborate plan to stop two of the friends from constantly arguing in this low-budget feature script.
“Best Enemies” is a low budget, romantic comedy feature, reminiscent of “Friends.”  It is set in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, but other locations could be used in the production.  The script is 110 pages.  Outside of an apartment scene in the beginning, the script takes place outdoors in the mountains.  A campground, backpacking trails, and rustic tenting sites are necessary.  There are two major characters and six minor characters.  Lots of quick banter keeps the action flowing, along with situational humor.
Two members of a group of eight friends constantly disrupt the group dynamic with their arguments.  The woman is a romance novelist and the man is a psychologist that writes self-help books.   When they all go on a two-week backpacking vacation together in the wilderness, the group enacts a plan to leave the two dissidents alone together.  With just enough gear to survive shared between them, the couple must learn to cooperate in order to survive.  Through all their disputes, practical jokes, hardship, teasing, and revelations, the best enemies slowly discover that the sparks of hatred can also ignite the fire of love.
Can a romance novelist win the battle of words with a psychologist?  There’s a thin line between love and hate when they’re forced to cooperate.  “Best Enemies” is based on my novel, White Mountain Magic.




Blood of the Blood

Blood-Cover-5x8-Web screenplay

Exiled to NYC, five misfit vampires make one bloody funny team of hit men.
“Blood of the Blood” is a vampire comedy.  The script is 86 pages.  Two original songs are attached to this project.  Low to moderate budget.
The vampire world is now controlled by an international business corporation in Transylvania.  When four of their members call attention to themselves with their unorthodox behavior, the misfits are exiled to New York City, the only place where they won’t stand out in a crowd.  These freaks decide to stay together and become hit men, calling their business “Blood of the Blood.”  Who else could turn an assassination into a hilarious comedy skit?




The Singularity

Singularity-5x8 web screenplay

“Event Horizon” meets “Independence Day” in this science fiction disaster film.
“The Singularity” is 72 pages.  This is a high budget project that will require CG special effects, including mega-explosions, earthquakes, tidal waves, flooding, fall-out, and an experimental super-sonic rocket boat.  You will need to show Long Island being sucked into the black hole. The tension is offset with comic relief.
When a hot-shot scientist fails to stop a secret anti-matter project on Long Island, a black hole forms in the lab.  The singularity quickly grows out of control and starts to suck in Long Island, and, potentially, the whole solar system.  Even when things get desperate, the scientist and his Chinese-American buddy keep the quips flying.  During his last ditch effort to save the world, he discovers higher powers are involved here.




Asher St. James

Asher New Cover 2

Cultured and cool, Asher takes on a black market drug lord while making love to the ladies.
When wealthy, sophisticated Asher is drawn into investigating a sex-murder mystery with a vulgar, New York PI, action ensues.  Together, they work to solve a murder mystery, involving a black market drug that gives women a two-to-four hour orgasm.  The two of them are aided in their investigation by Asher’s supercilious valet, a dark-skinned man of Asian descent, and a mystery unto himself.
“Asher St. James” is a crime drama with lots of comic relief.  The production will require a moderate budget.  There are 119 pages.  The script is set in two major areas, New York City and Long Island, where about twenty locations will be needed.  There are three major characters, eight minor characters, and a number of extra, some with speaking parts. There are authentically orchestrated jukido fight scenes, sexual situations, and NY and LI jet set scenarios.  DG’s Queens NY accent is important to the content.  This is based on my novel, Asher St. James.




Mr. Miracle

Mr-Miracle-Web COVER screenplay

Mr. Miracle Theme Music

Scent of a Woman meets Miracle on 34th Street when an embittered writer decides to commit suicide and, instead, he ends up helping others.
Scent of a Woman meets Miracle on 34th Street when an embittered writer decides to commit suicide and, instead, he ends up helping others.
In this high-impact psychological drama, Al Marsden is a suicidal, best-selling novelist and screenwriter, whose life has gone down the drain. His writing has been blocked since his wife left him. While talking with his shrink, he finds out his father died. At this point, Al deliberately puts himself in the path of danger, hoping to die.
“Mr. Miracle” is a high-impact action drama, laden with emotion. The script is 89 pages. The setting is New York City, and there’s one action scene on Long Island. This screenplay will require a moderate budget. Special effects will be required for some of the action scenes. There are three major characters, four minor characters, and several extras, some with speaking parts. The climax is triumphant. The original theme song is attached to this project.


We are currently seeking producers are this project.  Please see our news page for more information.






Desperate housewives, hormonal teenagers, and role-playing fantasies run amok in suburbia.
Desperate housewives, hormonal teenagers, and role-playing fantasies run amok in suburbia in this comedy.
Here’s the typical suburban community from hell. As hormonal teenagers and over-sexed adults carry out their secret agendas, they’re spied on by their neighbors. Raucous behavior runs rampant on the streets, while role-playing fantasies are consummated behind closed doors. This all culminates into one huge, hilarious climax. It would make a great date flick.
“Suburbia” is a low to medium budget feature comedy. There are 108 pages. The project requires mainly ordinary suburban houses with minimal set requirements. They are set close together on the same street. Fifteen major characters will be required: two middle-aged men, three middle aged women, a teenaged boy and girl, an older man and woman, a middle-aged African American couple, three pre-adolescent children, and a young man. The comedy is situation based, rather than one-liners. This is designed for wide audience appeal. The original theme song is attached to this project. The screenplay is derived from an excerpt of my novel, Suburbia.





A man who has led a sheltered life embarks on a mind-blowing journey with his gay friend to understand the meaning of emotion.
Tortured by his inability to write well, Dan Alador sets forth on an inspiring journey bent on experiencing all the emotions he has missed in his very sheltered life. Guided by his college mentor, Dan undertakes an epic voyage of emotional excitement and sensory stimulation: from his first sexual encounter to true love, from the bonding of real friendship to its ultimate sacrifice, from sky-diving to a death-defying race against the tide at Mont St. Michel. Friendship, romance, and high adventure will sweep you away with emotion. At least three tissues will be needed.
“Emotion” is an intense adventure drama with an underlying gay theme. The completed script is 98 pages in proper screenplay format. It is a high-budget project that will require a number of exotic locations. Computer graphics and animation will be required for production. In addition to that, a live Siberian tiger will be required. There are two major characters, two minor characters, and several extras. Some of the extras have minor speaking roles. The concept of the screenplay is based on a sheltered writer’s need to experience emotion in his life. He takes an epic journey, culminating in a race against the tide in Mont St. Michel on the back of the Siberian tiger.




Catch a Falling Star


In this romantic feature, sexy banter reigns when a burnt-out rock star takes the biggest chance of his life by concealing his identity from the woman he loves.
When a successful, California businesswoman meets a famous rock star in a moonlit encounter on the beach, she does not recognize him.  Dave is a cocky, charming joker.  Amber prefers more conventional men.  Things really start to steam up when they bet on who can keep their lust under control the longest.  Since they’re keeping the relationship out of the bedroom, they end up talking and really getting to know each other.  Amber discovers how to relax and to let go of her problems, while Dave discovers there are better ways to enjoy himself than a steady diet of the party scene.  The rest of their time is spent in attempts to seduce each other in a variety of romantic settings.
“Catch a Falling Star” is a low-budget romantic feature set in California.  The script is 100 pages.  There are two major characters, two minor characters, and a number of extras, some with speaking roles.  A rock singer is required for this role, along with three backup members of the band with a minimal role.  The majority of the action takes place in two beach houses on the coast and on the beach.  Other scenes include a recording studio, a sea lion-viewing overlook, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, a clothing boutique, a music store, two house parties, and an apartment.  Two original songs, music and lyrics, are attached to this production.  The script is based on my novel, Catch a Falling Star.




Dirty Little Secrets

DLS Script screenplay

Murder brings together a suburban community’s embezzlement, prostitution, bigotry, perversion, and black humor in this intense drama.
Take a close look into the dark heart of suburban culture.  Behind the phony smiles, lie chilling thoughts of murder, embezzlement, prostitution, bigotry, and perversion.  This is spiced with black humor.  When a sex murder is discovered, the suspects crawl out of the walls.  We have a lawyer and his trophy wife, a civic leader with political aspirations, his wife who has her own agenda, the owner of a construction company, and the editor of a scandal rag, who’s in love with a supermodel.  When their secrets are finally exposed, all of their stories come together in a shocking conclusion.
“Dirty Little Secrets” is 112 pages of intense drama, interspersed with black humor.  It will take a low to moderate budget for production.  It is set on the south shore of Long Island, New York in 1989, during the real estate crash.  There is an ensemble of characters that interact in multiple storylines.  The setting include several homes, an office building, a strip bar, two meeting halls, two restaurants, three motels rooms, a parking lot, a police station house, a halfway house for battered women, and a high-rise condo.  There is a blackout scene in an elevator, involving bathroom humor.  The emerging internet technology is involved with the promotion of an escort service.  The original theme song is attached to this project.




Theron: Back from the Dead

Theron-1-cover-web Titled

Adapted from the book THERON: The Amusing Musings of a Ghost.

A ghost uses his new powers to get the person that killed him.
Theron was a wealthy, easy-going, party animal.  After he’s murdered, he comes back to get the killer and discovers that his family did not really love him.   When he discovers that he has new ghostly powers, the fun begins.  Wow! I can fly!  He uses these abilities to take revenge on his scheming relatives in a number of hilarious ways.
“Theron:  Back from the Dead” is a paranormal murder mystery with large doses of comic relief.  This will be a low budget production.  There are 92 pages in the script.  The screenplay is set in New Hampshire.  There are six major characters, two minor characters, and several extras with minor speaking roles.  Most of the script is set in one location, a large mansion.  Six other locations are used briefly.  Some minor special effects will be needed, since the ghost needs to be transparent and frequently flies.  The script is based on my novel, Theron:  The Amusing Musings of a Ghost.




Lord of the Nonexistent T-Spoon

Spoon-5x8-web screenplay

A geek gets the chance to live out all of his wildest fantasies in this parody of Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, and the Terminator.
When a geeky computer hacker finds a portal to another dimension, he takes a wild journey with a gay legless fairy, a dwarf with an attitude, and a robotic bug killer to fight an evil sorcerer and save the world.
“Lord of the Nonexistent T-Spoon” is a comedy spoof of many science fiction and fantasy films and TV shows.  It will require a low to medium budget, depending upon the amount of computer graphics and/or animation that is used in the production.  The script can be filmed with actors or animation.  There are four major actors, three minor actors, and a number of extras, some with minor speaking parts.  The main character is Neon, a computer geek.  Ten to twenty locations will be required, including a fortress, a wormhole, an ancient dungeon, and a large cave.  There are 95 pages in the script.




Spring Chickens – Low Budget Romance Short Script

When an older man and woman meet in the park, a battle of banter ensues.
“Spring Chickens” is a micro-budget short script of 21 pages. There are two major characters, two minor characters, and about a dozen extras.  The two scenes involve a park and a coffee shop.  As the major characters get to know each other, they lighten up and play “the smile game” with passersby.  At the end, they learn that it’s not a matter of age, but of how young you feel.




Eve and Steven – Low Budget Romance Short Script

Two nerdy strangers of the opposite sex meet in the park and end up discussing dating strategies.
“Eve and Steven” is a 14 page script in one location.  As the two major characters talk about the same book they read on dating strategies, they discover that they’ve actually been on their first date.




The Genie

Didier Zoro cover 1 titles

This genie may look like a bad-ass biker, but he knows how to romance a woman into making the last of her three wishes.
A short trailer for this work is available here: The_Genie_Promo
During an underwater photo shoot, a freelance photographer finds an ancient lamp. She brings it home and cleans it, releasing Didier, a misanthropic genie. His mission is to scare Lucienne, his new mistress, into using her last wish to set him free. This does not prove to be easy. Didier is forced to put on the charm in order to win her over, and he does have skills. He can do a dynamite tango, give a Druid massage, and even make the stars dance. Lucienne faces the moral dilemma of a lifetime when she has to make her final wish.
“The Genie” is a romantic, action fantasy, spiced by comic banter. This is the first screenplay in the trilogy. The script is 105 pages. The production will require a moderate budget. Special effects will be needed, possibly including some computer animation. There are two major characters, four minor characters, and a number of extras, some with bit speaking parts. A female singer with an earthy, alto voice will be needed to sing as the two major characters do a sexy tango. Three original songs are attached to the production of this work: the theme music; a tango (music and lyrics); and a waltz (music and lyrics). The two sequels have been scripted and are ready to go.




Broken Hearts

Emotionally shattered between her maniacal stalker and her love/hate relationship with the detective that is on the case, a New York City theatrical composer must fight for her life.
When playwright, Marla Fontaine, is terrorized by an unknown stalker, the police detective assigned to the case turns out to be the man that broke Marla’s heart twenty years ago. The complications mount as they fight against time.




Lost Chances

When a good woman’s life is destroyed by her philandering husband, her Guardian Angel offers her three chances to improve her destiny.
After discovering that her husband has given her the Herpes B virus, Laine feels that her life is over. She has always wanted to have a career in advertising and children, and that possibility has now been taken away from her. Her Guardian Angel comes to her and explains that there has been an imbalance in her Karma. Laine is given three chances to correct this, but as they say, be careful what you wish for.
“Lost Chances” is an emotion-laden drama with overtones of fantasy. This script is 95 pages and will require a moderate budget. Several simple locations will be needed for this production. There are six major characters, thirteen minor characters, and a crowd of extras. The original theme song, music and lyrics, is attached to this project.




Man: The Animal

Man: The Animal

Two hundred years after the war between the men and the women, a biologist discovers that human males still exist and acquires one in the hope of civilizing it.
In this futuristic, sci fi adventure script, Earth is ruled under one government, controlled by women.  The Internal Security Agency has men hidden away in a secret facility.  They’re treated like animals and used only for semen production.  When a leading biologist acquires a man, she goes through the tedious process of educating and civilizing him.  They learn from each other the hard way.   But will Internal Security risk allowing a civilized man to live?  You’ll find out in the action-packed conclusion.
This 122 page feature script will require a moderate budget.  There are two major characters, two minor characters, and a host of extras, some with speaking parts.  The primary focus is on one location.  Several other high-tech locations will be needed.  There are sexual situations, rated R.
The screenplay is based on my novel, Man:  The Animal.  It’s followed by the sequel, Man:  The Slave, also based on my novel of the same name.





FORBIDDEN screenplay

Is incest best?
When Krystle is compelled by necessity to move in with her brother, John, they apparently hate each other, but John has a deep, dark secret.  He’s always been secretly in love with his sister.   The fun begins when John’s secretary thinks that Krystle is his girlfriend and the misunderstanding grows.
There are 100 pages in this low-to medium-cost production.  It’s set on Long Island with some scenes in New York City.  Most of the action takes place in an upscale condo on the Great South Bay.  There are two major characters and eleven minor characters.  Many extras will be needed for the crowd scenes.  This feature should be rated NC-17.
Forbidden is based on an excerpt from my novel, Dirty Little Secrets.  My original theme song, music and lyrics, are attached to the project.