The Works of L A Morgan



September 13th, 2014

L A Morgan wrote a tribute to Frank Sinatra, titled And Maybe Romance. An agreement was made with the professional Sinatra Style Singer, Tim Patrick, to produce the song. To accomplish this, Tim and L A are starting a crowd funding drive on indiegogo. They want to share the indiegogo draft website with you. The launch of the project launch tomorrow 9-16-2014. Here is the link to the indiegogo drive that will be available after 11 am EST
And Maybe Romance will be the theme song for a script of the same name. A low budget but heartwarming film about a male friend showing his female friend how romantic he can be and what he really feels for her. It all takes place in a studio apartment; lots of fun and a good date flick. Moonlight and Pines Productions expects to product the movie next summer.  Please check back soon for information about  The official launch of the 1 month fund raising event on indiegogo.

July 1st, 2014

A-List actor Vincent Coyle has agreed to play the lead in my feature film, Mr. Miracle.  The original theme song is also attached to the project.


We are currently seeking producers for this film set in New York City.  
Contact us if interested at lamorganwriter (at)


Mr. Miracle Theme


April 16th, 2014

Shadows, a short film based on my short story by the same name, has been successfully completed and entered into several film festivals. Click here to watch Shadows.